Lunartech d.o.o. is a company founded with the aim of expanding the application of digital technologies and digitalization and internetization of business of various spectrums, in companies from non-IT business areas.
We wish to contribute to the development and well-being of our customers based on the sharing of expertise and experience gained during many years of work in the financial, security and IT industry in the domestic and international environment, in the form of External Service Provider Services.
We specialize in providing services:
• Design, development and implementation of complex ICT solutions intended for digitalization of the company's business in different business zones, tailored to the needs and wishes of users, and
• Supervision and management of IT projects and digitization projects on behalf of users.
We also develop our own digital products and online services, which we offer on the market in the form of finished "off the shelf" products, through our own web platform - "Sace" and on the principles of a shared economy.